21. April 2023

Crypto Regulation: Latest News & Trends on TPR Podcast

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• ChainwireTRON DAO has launched the TRON Policy Report (TPR) Podcast to provide information on the latest developments in cryptocurrency regulation.
• Episodes have covered topics such as the culture of current lawmakers, regulatory needs in the blockchain industry, and ways to add clarity and definition to existing laws for the crypto marketplace.
• Guests such as Ari Redbord from TRM Labs and Dr. Lisa Cameron, Member of Parliament in the UK, discuss the future of crypto regulations, focus of governing authorities, and culture of current lawmakers.

ChainwireTRON DAO Launches TRON Policy Report Podcast

Topics Covered

The TRON Policy Report (TPR) Podcast provides insights and analysis on the most current news and trends in crypto policy. Topics discussed include:
• The culture of current lawmakers
• Regulatory needs in the blockchain industry
• Ways to add clarity and definition to existing laws for the crypto marketplace

Expert Guests

Host Andrew Hemingway welcomes expert guests on TPR podcast to deliver their insights on cryptocurrency regulations. These guests include:
• Ari Redbord from TRM Labs – a digital asset compliance and risk management company that monitors, detects, and investigates crypto fraud and financial crime
• Dr. Lisa Cameron – Member of Parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom; serves as chair of CryptoUK which is a trade body representing digital assets sector in UK working directly with policy makers & market participants

Understanding Current Dilemma Facing Policy Makers & Regulatory Authorities

Ari Redbord from TRM Labs described how policy makers & regulatory authorities are facing a dilemma when he rhetorically posed “How do we thread needle between ensuring that bad actors are not taking advantage…yet at same time providing privacy necessary as people are transacting…?”

Dr. Lisa Cameron’s Role In Cryptocurrency Regulation

Dr. Lisa Cameron joined Andrew Hemingway for episode two where she spoke about her role in cryptocurrency regulation grew out necessity once she realized this topic was not yet being discussed in parliament despite millions already engaged in cryptocurrency. She hopes education within parliament will facilitate proper regulation within industry by having open dialogues & debates regarding technology quickly so informed decisions can be made.


The TPR podcast provides up-to-date information on developments surrounding cryptocurrency regulations with experts discussing topics like culture & focus of policymakers & regulators along with ways to add clarity & definition to existing laws for marketplace.